Suggestions for the next FIFA 16

improve the player career mode by including these:

1.) actually change your age

2.) when you get into a team you dont automatically get the number you want

3.) make game performances heavily impact the way teammates treat you. Like you dont always get the ball when you ask for it


4.) make your player demand wages( You can buy FIFA 16 coins to get more players. )

5.) shoe sponsors

6.) better press interaction. Telling the press which club do you want to play for

improve the manager mode:

1.) add release clauses to contracts

2.) make us change the way players grow (for example if we want shaw to become like gareth bale allow us to train him to become a lm or lw)


3.) let player demands become more realistic (if david silva is homesick he should only choose clubs from spain)

4.) nerf old goalkeepers (casillas and cech cant possibly get back to their respective primes)


5.) young goalkeepers also get better (make gks progress even though they are still below 28)

6.) there could be multiple youth scouts in a single country

7.) allow us to quit from being a club manager so we can focus on being an international manager


8.) senior teams should also be able to send a player down to their respective b teams like barca with barca b

split the international teams into categories like U-21 and U-18 and senior squads


let us add traits on created players

bring back the practice arena

*let us practice free kicks and set plays

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