What FUT 16 really needs

1. better match-making, and gives you the option to be matched with only locals or only international, or both.. currently you either have local or both.

2. allow us to skip cut-scenes..

3. add the option of “spectator” in UT and Online. where you can spectate how your friend is playing, maybe instruct him how to play if he’s a noob, or record a the match.


4. bring back the practice matches.

5. practice matches with friends in UT and Online (you have the option to go 2 vs 2 or full 11 vs 11 if you want).

6. LW/LF/RW/RF/ST should be categorized as Forwards where any player can be placed within the same position, same goes for Midfielders and Back..

7. add player details in UT. now you can see preferred foot, skills, weak foot. you need to be able to see traits and other details.


8. increase the prize amount of the tournaments to make them worth it.

9. introduce a rating system (instead of using the xbox rep system) where you can rate a player’s behavior after the match. now you can do the same with the xbox rep system, but that affects the player in general and not how he performed on FIFA. this should replace the DNF factor or becomes along side with it.. ppl will then make sure to play fairly because this will affect their winning coins + who they’re matched with.


10. increase the ratio of better players in packs, it makes the coin selling a worthless mean of getting good players.

11. add the “LS” button on xbox to perform a jump-and-catch by the chest to receive a lob ball (now it’s only controlled by the AI, and it’s automatic).


12. hints for penalties (at the moment, 8/10 penalties are goals). they should add some sort of a hint so u can at least know the side and then it’s upto u to go up or down on that side.

13. instead of ppl’s suggestion of “wagers” which will turn to fifa 16 coins sellers mine, they should introduce a “double or nothing” option, both players get to press a button to confirm this before the match begins. if you accept that, then the winner will receive the usual (after match results) + the same amount will be deducted from the loser “opponent”.


14. add weather conditions control.. i hate rain..

15. see the full kit on ur players before you use it, stadiums too.

16. last one on my mind at the moment.. FIFA Sports TV.. where you can watch matches on UT or Online.

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